Let’s start with some real, honest truth. It is absolutely not an easy journey to become a laptop entrepreneur. However, once you start digging deep and hustling hard, it becomes incredibly addictive. You’ll fall in love with the process – if you don’t then you won’t make it. If you’re reading this then you are about to get an insight into how to start that journey and become a laptop entrepreneur in 2020.

become a laptop entrepreneur

What Exactly is a Laptop Entrepreneur?

A laptop entrepreneur, is a person who earns a full time income with nothing else other than their laptop and their mind (and the internet). This can be achieved through a lot of different methods, some of which we’ll outline in this article.

Along with this comes several lucrative benefits. One of which is location independence. You gain the ability to live anywhere in the world whilst earning a full time income from your laptop – cool hey!

But, being a laptop entrepreneur does not necessarily mean that you have to jet around the world, you may just want to be your own boss.

Don’t Buy In To Silly Courses

Don’t buy into these get rich quick laptop entrepreneur schemes. The only person they get rich quick is the contrepreneur selling it to you. What is interesting is how these people sell the dream of becoming a laptop entrepreneur, which they are, but they are duping you.

The way they will teach you to become a laptop entrepreneur is to sell courses to other people on how to become a laptop entrepreneur. Just like they had done to you!

It’s some type of new age pyramid scheme that’s not really a scam but no tangible service is being created. It’s like, pay them money and they’ll let you in on the secret. Find out the secret and you can go ahead and sell the secret to other people – that’s their entire business model. Don’t buy into it.

How to Really Become a Laptop Entrepreneur in 2020

The real way to the freedom you have dreamed of goes like this.

  1. Choose a niche that you want to operate in.
  2. Choose a service or digital skill you want to master.
  3. Join and engage in relevant communities to built up social proof with you target market.
  4. Hustle, every day. Swing that pick axe until the boulder breaks.

These four steps are simple but it is going to take time.

99% of people give up after a few months – because they are not patient.

Patience is key. I used the analogy of swinging the pick axe before. What I meant by this is that the final swing of that pick axe is not the swing that breaks the boulder. It is the 1000 swings you had done building up to that. If you hustle hard, every day, you are slowly making headway.

All you have to do it stay in the game long enough to start seeing results, at which time, you have hit the threshold and you’ll be motivated to continue as you know what you are doing is working.

Let’s dig into the four key steps involved.

choose a laptop entrepreneur niche

1. Choose your laptop entrepreneur niche

When starting off, it’s going to be much easier to choose a specific niche. You most likely don’t have any credibility yet and the fastest way to build that up is to become the go to guy or girl for a specific audience of people.

This is incredibly important when starting out. It’s going to make things just so much easier for you. Do not worry about choosing the wrong niche. In the future, once you are established, you can expand out a little more.

Indecision is going to be your enemy here. Wondering, contemplating, thinking… what should my niche be? What do I want to spend my time making content around?

If I can give any advice, it is to pick something that has an overlap between being an interest of yours and something you are knowledgable about. This puts you in a place where you know the industry but you also are willing to pull all nighters creating content and engaging in the industry.

Examples of niches could be from interests like sports, fashion, medical, nootropics etc. or you can specialise a certain type of marketing method e.g. Pay-Per-Click for fashion ecommerce brands.

earn money through your laptop

2. How will you make money?

It is important to think early on about how you will plan to monetise. If you, for example, chose chiropractor as a niche, you might consider choosing Google Ads, Lead Generation, Web Design etc.

If you chose tennis, you may consider working with affiliate schemes to send your fans to amazon products related to tennis. You may consider using betting affiliate sites to link people off to bet on tennis matches etc.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can monetise your interest. Beginning with the end in mind sets you up for success because you can start developing your brand and content around the money stream you plan to focus on.

If you don’t want to offer a service, then you can even become an influencer in a specific niche. Take tennis for example, you can create content based around tennis. Stick at this for long enough and you have a very monetizable asset. You have a following of people who regularly watch or view your content, that have a huge interest in tennis. Think of the partnerships you could do with tennis racket companies, sports clothing lines etc.

Some ways you can monetise are as follows:

  • Google ads agency
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Drop shipping or FBA
  • Influencer marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Web design
  • Graphic design

Your aim is to choose one key monetizable method

When you’ve found that, couple it with a specific niche in section 1. Entrepreneur wrote an insightful article that shares a bunch of ways you can make money as a laptop entrepreneur.

This will enable you to build up a skill to a high standard very fast (rather than trying to learn everything). Not only that, but focusing on one niche enables you to build up credibility in niche communities. This is going to be essential for when you start attaining new clients.

If your skills and niches are too broad then you’ll struggle to get any clients.

When choosing to offer social media or Google ads services, I recommend a fantastic tool to make landing pages called Unbounce – take a look at our Unbounce review here.

engage in facebook communities

3. Engage in your niche community

Now, you are going to be doing a few things along side each other. It will take several months to build up trust and reliability in your niche communities. Whilst building trust, you can be honing your knowledge on your monetisable skill.

When you do finally get a client, you need to do a good job. They’ll talk about you fondly and you’ll get referrals from them.

Let’s get to the niche community part.

Get onto Facebook and join any groups related to your industry. Same thing on Instagram and any related forums. You want to post free advice often and consistently.

Whilst doing this, ensure that you don’t annoy and don’t pitch yourself. You are there to provide value.

It will take several months but you’ll reach a point at which you become trusted and clients will reach out to you and be very easy to partner up with.

hustle laptop entrepreneur

4. Hustle Time

Now you need to create content, every single day, in those groups and on your own personal pages. Do this for a 6 months and you’ll build up enough social proof that people will start contacting you for your services.

The trick is to stick with it even if you don’t see any results. It’s exactly the same as going to the gym. You can go for 6 months, look in the mirror and you still look like a human slug. But keep going and eventually you’ll break through.

99% of people who try to create a remote income fail because they don’t have the self discipline and patience to hang in there. It takes a hell of a lot of hard work and dedication to grow a loyal following of fans.

You wouldn’t want it any different.

If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it and therefore nobody would be a leader at all.

How does the saying go… “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better”.

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